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C. Craig R. McNeil is the author of the Atlantean Triumvirate and Terra Inferus series of books.

The books in the series are An Atlantean Triumvirate, Ghosts of the Past and The Centre Cannot Hold.

They track the adventures of Captain James Riley, Jane Archer and John Murdoch as they tackle the enemies of a resurgent British Empire. The books are set in a 1930s and 40s that are slightly different from the one we know, one where peace has reigned for decades under the benevolent gaze of the British Empire. This peace is now threatened but by who and for what reason is a mystery...

The Atlantean Triumvirate Trilogy books are published through Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle apps.

Terra Inferus is a series of novellas available for Kindle consisting of The Pillars of Britain, Foundations of the Reich and Cracks in the Pillars.

The Atlantean Triumvirate Series

The Terra Inferus Series

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